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Intuituive Kinesiology / Muscle testing is designed to bring subconscious information into conscious awareness. proper muscle testing allow us to identify the stresses and imbalances within our bodies a majority of our physical, emotional, and mental processing occurs outside of our awareness leading to stuck emotions from the past. THis plays a role in hindering our authentic flow physically, emotionally & spiritually. It gives us conscious understanding of what is being stored subconsciously.

Reiki stands as a complementary approach to health, aiming to guide energy and encourage the person's inherent healing response. On a physiological level, The presence of illness or imbalance, be it mental, physical, or emotional, is frequently described as confined warmth or energy within the body. before we are biologic, we are bio-energetic. Reiki nurtures the body's natural healing capacities, working harmoniously with other medical or therapeutic methods to alleviate side effects, diminish discomfort, and foster overall well-being.

BREATHWORK is a broad term that encompasses various exercises involving the breath that facilitate physical, mental and emotional healing. By utilizing different breathing patterns one is able to quiet the mind and feel into the body. this can be as gentle as a calming and soothing session, to a highly profound and activating experience leading you to realizations, visuals and healing.

Shining Stars

Stacey Oliveros-Schettino

Founder, Open Eyed Traveler

Health & Wellness

Nurse Coach

Stacey Oliveros-Schettino is a registered nurse, certified reiki healer, certified intuitive kinesiologist, educator and Nurse. Her purpose is to guide individuals toward embodying their true essence and power. Her work with clients often leads to improved bodily functions and response to treatment plans, deepening of relationships, behavioral pattern recognition and stepping into their authenticity. With her guidance, She will connect conscious forward practitioners and businesses when NECESSARY to provide all populations complete care from medical coaching to energy work.

Stacey commenced her energy work as an intuitive self-practice. After a life changing experience, Stacey discovered her first breathwork class. This profound experience and energetic release ULTIMATELY led her to rediscover her heart, voice, essence and power, REVEALING HER AUTHENTIC SELF. She learned what coexisting consciously with her ego meant and how trapped emotions/energy can create dis-ease in the body resulting in illnesses, specifically stubborn to treat. As Stacey continued on her journey of healing, she saw a world that needed the same love and care as she did.

With 12 years in critical care and emergency nursing, Stacey observed gaps in the medical system. This called her to help fill those gaps - connecting practitioners from other health modalities in addition to her medical and emotional coaching.

Stacey wants the world to know that everyone has the ability to HEAL THEMSELVES, both mentally physically. Her journey inspired Open Eyed Traveler, an organization designed to create a PLATFORM of learning, growing and healing. Open Eyed Traveler’s mission is to provide all populations and businesses access to credible and conscious forward resources associated with all health and wellness modalities. It’s a resource founded in healing and compassion, connecting you to local and global practitioners, events and communities.

Caitlin Cammarata

Intuitive Breathwork Practitioner

Caitlin feels that a part of her purpose on this planet is to invite people to discover the innate freedom within their bodies through the power of breath and energy. She believes that we are here to connect deeply to ourselves, our uniqueness, and explore the wisdom that lies within.

When a series of extremely challenging life experiences shattered her and turned her world completely upside down, she began to see the truth of who she is, and who she’s not. During this time of crisis, she re-awoke to the energetic, intuitive, and emotional systems in her body, which gave her insight into how trauma was stored in her body.

She began a practice of kriya yoga, breathwork, and meditation. She became certified in therapeutic Reiki and breathwork through the Owaken Breathwork Facilitator course.

Using these modalities for her own growth, she began releasing attachments to memories from the past, physical and emotional pain from her body, and stress related to imagined future situations. Little by little, she’s been softening into who she’s always been meant to be.

She believes deeply that everyone has the ability to be their own healer and has unique magic they can contribute to the world. She believes that we are all here to tap into our own unique gifts, passions, and joy!

Caitlin practices trauma-informed facilitation, as safety for every client is her top priority during a session.

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